February 20

Hello people of water!



We welcome your ideas, energy and donations.

  • Feel free to contact the Executive Director of SKWIM USA, Coach Mark Rauterkus, Mark -at- SKWIMUSA -dot- org.


SKWIM and its outreach efforts with blogging has been established for a while. A few in our loyal following can grow to many in the seasons to come as SKWIM's regular readers and participants who choose to support these efforts by donating a small amount of money every now and then.

Donations can help to monetizing the online content and expand our reach with new events and equipment investments with a “no strings attached” kind of deal. These good-will contributions go to the nonprofit without the delivery of anything in return for the donations.

Of course, we can’t expect people to donate if our services and interactions don’t provide great value that isn't worthy of your support.

Our basic payment button allows you to set a predefined amount you to choose from.

With your help, we can transform the blogging efforts and game-paly from a hobby into a viable, far-reaching, aquatic activity that inspires countless of others to get into the water, play well with others, and become more fit and water safe.

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Hello people of water!

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